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Packages We Offer

Below are a few packages we offer to our customers. 

The 3 Season Package

Our most popular and comprehensive maintenance package includes 8 months of service from April through to November on either a bi-weekly or weekly basis.

Spring Clean Up

Welcome the warm weather by having us clean up your yard this spring! There is no better way to start your landscape off on the right foot then with a good clean out. Give your garden some breathing space this spring – it will thank you all summer long.


Much like anything that lives and breathes – maintenance is required to keep up that tip top shape. A single pass over a garden will only last so long and soon enough you’ll be after some much need TLC.

Fall Clean Up

Most of us have heard of spring cleaning – but did you know when it comes to gardens, cleaning in the fall is equally as important. The only surefire way to enjoy the full potential of your landscape next season is to prepare it this season.

Property Clean-Ups

Whether we’re just beginning our season, right in the middle or coming to an end, we’re more than happy to offer you a clean up on a one-time basis to spruce up your property and give it that extra boost you know it needs.

The Garden Care Trio

Garden Fertilizer

Not all gardens are created equal: various soil conditions, light exposure, drainage and various other elements impact the vibrancy and growth rate of your plant material. Garden fertilizer can be applied at any time throughout the season to increase plant immune system and bolster beautiful colours.


  • contain important secondary and trace nutrients;

  • improve soil texture, aeration, and drainage;

  • provide slow-release nutrition;

  • aid the environment in many ways and harm it in few.


Applying compost to your soil makes for happy plants and a better time tending your garden.


  • Enriches soil, helping retain moisture and suppress plant diseases and pests.

  • Reduces the need for chemical fertilizers.

  • Encourages the production of beneficial bacteria and fungi that break down organic matter to create humus, a rich nutrient-filled material.

  • Reduces methane emissions from landfills and lowers your carbon footprint.


It is not just about aesthetics. It offers insulation and protection for your garden year-round, reduces weed growth, and encourages healthy gradual growth of foliage. We offer mulch in a variety of colours, shapes and quantities to add to your gardens to upgrade your home.


  • Adds curb appeal

  • Improves the soil

  • Protects against temperature changes

  • Conserves moisture

  • Helps prevent weeds

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